About Us

EARNING WORLD’ has been dedicated to providing Education to the New Trader or Old Trader of stock market  with sound trading and investing advise by the Live market system. Our goal is to help our client to achieve above-average returns from the markets and create wealth for themselves and their families.
Our dedicated team of professional traders and analysts have over 14 years of successful & profitable trading experience. This experience is put together to produce trading systems for the day trader, swing trader, position trader & the long term investor in Indian Stocks & Indices & commodities
 Analytical Methods
We use  analytical methods to uncover trading and investing opportunities with strong wealth creation and profit making potential. Our analytical methods are based on Complex mathmetical technical analysis, for more reliable and profitable trading and investing opportunities.
Know What to Trade, When to Trade & How to Trade
we can help you with the complete process of identifying a potential trade, entering into that trade, riding the trade and booking profits at the end of that trend in LIVE MARKET. This together with our built in risk & money management system will help any trader or investor extract maximum profits from the markets.
We cater to both - the Beginner and the Pro
Whether you are a New Trader in this stock market,or  a seasoned pro, an "in and out" day trader or a swing trader or  a long term investor, our scientific trading systems will provide you confidencde for success in today's dynamic markets. If you are in Kolkata and would like to meet us personally, please contact us for an appointment.