Become A Partner
What will be my Investment?
How can I be rest assured that my present Clients would not be Cross Sold any Financial Product?
How long my referrals will be with me if no revenue will be generated from those referrals ?
How can I track my referral client's payments/ renewals?
When will the Commission cheque be issued?
What will be my task?
How much is the Business Partner Commission?
For how long Business Partner Agreement will be valid?
Do I get an incentive in Renewals also?
How much can I earn as a Business Partner?
Who can associate with this scheme?
Do I need to be a Research Analyst?
Will I be reimbursed any travelling, telephone or other expenses while client pitching?
I am a working professional, can I join?
What are the joining fees?
What documents do I need to fill?
What is the accuracy ratio of EARNING WORLD’S ' calls?
Do you provide assured money back Plan?
What is the procedure of being a BP?
I am concered about the privacy and confidentiality of my data ?
Who will give me further response?
Any penalty Charges/ commitment if we cannot achieve the business?
How many references I should provide you on a monthly basis, any target?